Very quick seven days stats thing, and some updates

06 Jan

Updated 11.15 pm.

Blog readership does tend to go down at this time of the year, or so I have found. The fortunes of the suite here are:

  • New Lines from a Floating Life has managed 2,841 views (WP count) since it started at the beginning of December 2007. The current week — 530 views; last week — 654 views. Best week: 813 views (week 51 2007).
  • Old Lines from a Floating Life: 119,112 views since April 2006. Current week — 1117 views; last week — 909 views. Best week 2007: 2314 views.
  • Oz Politics etc: 24,748 views since July 2007. Current week — 763 views; last week — 656 views. Best week: 1345 views during the November election season.
  • English/ESL: 66,333 views since December 2006. Current week — 949 views; last week — 707 views. Best week: 3,539 views (week 42 2007).
  • Ninglun on Blogspot (Sitemeter): 987 page views since September 2007. Current week: 75 views; last week: 71 views. Best week: This week!

Most read individually in seven days on New Lines:

Most read individually in seven days on Oz Politics:


Go to Ninglun on Blogspot for an update on the Camden Islamic school issue.


I have added to the family history a pdf of the family tree so brilliantly researched by a distant relative, Bob Starling. This is just a small part of a great CD-ROM Bob made a couple of years ago. I often get asked about it.

You’ll have noticed the 2008 refurbishing here; I think it works well. There’s been a lot of this happening: first Bruce, then Arthur, then Jim, and most recently Thomas. I used that for a while on English/ESL, Thomas; it’s good, but the downside, if I remember correctly, is that if ever you close a comment thread it hides all the existing comments. I just checked by previewing Old Floating Life in that template, and yeah, it’s true. Incidentally the one I am using does the same but only on pages, not on posts. They all have their peculiarities. Your template is great for displaying pictures, though, one of the best.

Thomas’s new look:


Good to see Jan back, though she has clearly been through the mill lately.

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  1. Thomas

    January 7, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    I’ll keep the comment tidbit in mind, though I am still to close a comment thread.

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