What a test match!

06 Jan

Not every test match goes for a full five days, certainly not many go to nine minutes from full time on Day 5! This one did, with the Indians hanging on for a very possible draw. (The whole team has to get out, you see, for the other side to win.) Kumble really was excellent in this last afternoon.

But then came Michael Clarke. [Score card.]

Andrew Symonds is Man of the Match.


Two stories: India skipper accuses Aussies of bad sportsmanship and Harbhajan banned over Symonds abuse. Not going there, except to point out to a few blogs I have seen here on WordPress that the Harbhajan business is not well glossed in terms of “white” Australia versus “brown” people, given Symonds’s own background and the connotations, given that, of “monkey” are, believe me, deeply offensive.

I still say it was a great test match, granted some strange umpiring did take place.

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See the ABC’s Jim Maxwell. Fair comment, I think.

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