I know I really shouldn’t…

08 Jan

…but I can’t resist. A whole new interpretation has been suggested, according at least to my WP search engine record, by a reader here today:

Harbhajan symonds gay

Well that puts a whole new construction on “You monkey!”/”What a bastard!” etc… Heard such conversations many a time in certain Sydney watering holes… We are all prostitutes and junkies opines another searcher, while a third went looking for short but beautiful racial harmony poems. That’s nice.

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One response to “I know I really shouldn’t…

  1. Thomas

    January 9, 2008 at 12:05 am

    I tell you that this comes from ‘allegations’ (lame jokes I would deem them) that because Symonds was standing up for Lee when Singh ‘touched’ (patted? hit?) touched Lee’s behind. Symonds said this, people misconstrued it, and we find ourselves here.

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