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My archaeology

That, rather than a clean-up, is what is happening. I have been here in Elizabeth Street Surry Hills since 1992, and I brought quite a bit of unsorted rubbish with me. Some items go back, well, to Noah almost.

  • My first inspection report from Cronulla High School.

Mr W is an enthusiastic and resourceful teacher who is establishing good relationships with his pupils at all levels of the school.

His lessons are thoroughly prepared and informed: he uses a wide range of material and shows enterprise in presenting this material to pupils who respond well.**

Following advice earlier this year he has improved his supervision of pupils’ work, increasing his effectiveness in teaching. The results achieved in recent examinations testify to his successful teaching: the results in Form V History and Third Level groups in English V are especially commendable.

It is recommended that Mr W’s efficiency be determined as meeting the requirements for the award of a Teacher’s Certificate.

— E. Guthrie (Inspector) July 28, 1966

I see I had Forms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 English and Form 3 History  — That is Years 7-11 English and Year 9 History. No Year 12 as 1967 was the first Year 12 in NSW, and I took that (bottom) Year 11 class through. ** I am sure Eula Guthrie was not suggesting my lessons only worked with “pupils who respond well”! 😉

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Are Australians racist?

This has been at times an explicit (and always an implicit) element in some of the recent Cricket controversy and in that other one about Japanese whaling. My view is that Australians are no more racist — and of course like all generalisations this is suspect — than anyone else, perhaps even less so than some. See the recent discussion at Racism No Way on my Oz Politics blog.

Friday 11 January update
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Moir cricket…

Had to post Moir’s cartoon from today’s Sydney Morning Herald.


Peter Roebuck has another article today. While his call yesterday for Ponting to be sacked may have been over dramatic, though galvanising, today he looks at the other side:

Testy tourists must now get back to work.

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Sirdan in London

Email from Sirdan, who went to London with The Empress on Boxing Day 2007.

Most days I do a long walk, yesterday, from Buck House, then all along the Serpentine Lake through Hyde Park, then down some road until I came across the Natural Science Museum, a fascinating place. Spent several hours there, eventually got back here to Kilburn mid afternoon, only to find the pub’s kitchen closed…, so had Chinese up the road, very good food there too.

Have been several times to the Admiral Duncan, had some good times there, met some very nice local people, who I hope to meet again.

Weather a bit wet at the moment, 7-9 degrees.
Have done the Tower, Globe, Buck House, Wax works, and everything in between, massive crowds.

Meeting The Rabbit [again] after all the years! I hope that you will meet again.

Doing the laundry today. We have a bedsit, with a small bathroom and kitchen, and laundry upstairs. Will be going down to Portsmouth in the next few days, to look at some old sailing ship, and will be staying overnight. After that I am planning to go over to Holland for a couple of days.

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