Found: 20 postcards from Scotland

10 Jan

My archaeological dig has turned up twenty postcards my Aunt Beth sent my mother thirty years ago when she travelled to the UK, Scotland especially. They cover three trips in 1975, 1978 and 1982. Beth travelled to the UK again around two years ago, I should add, for a wedding, staying in The Tower of London where one of her late husband’s nephews actually lives. My mother’s family were on grandfather’s side of Scottish descent.

That’s Great-grandfather, born 150 years ago this year, on the right, though that picture was taken in Maitland NSW.

I am going to pass them on to Beth’s sons, and in fact just called Robert to tell him: guess what? Turns out he is in London himself right now!

A few snippets.

Weymouth, Dorset, Friday 14 April 1978

Dear Jean

Hope things have improved for you and Neil and that you are both well… We have been driving in the South of England… in really heavy snow around Canterbury. The locals who had lived for thirty years around about said they had never known such snow in April. The daffodils were out everywhere — a lovely sight, and the poor things collapsed under the weight of snow. Yesterday was heavy rain most of the day — so we spent a few hours in the Cathedral here at Winchester away from the weather. I saw Anne Boleyn’s castle (seen in film Elizabeth R).

levenhighst.jpgThe Kingdom of Fife, Leven, 14 May 1978

… Understand what Bob [her late husband] used to say about the cold here. It has a way of even being in your bones. I wear all my warm clothes often (at the one time) and still do not feel warm…

Leven 28 May 1978

…Sun is shining brightly today. So there are lines of cars along the Firth of Forth. I woke about 5 AM to the dirge of fog horns — usually misty some time in the day. About a week ago a poor fisherman lost his life out there in the Firth in the heavy fog and the horns wailing all day long. Such a depressing sound. Our ancestors must have been tough…

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