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Ex-student Trevor Khan

First on Ninglun on Blogspot, then mirrored to English/ESL is a post about Trevor Khan, a member of the NSW Legislative Council. He has seen it at last and there is added information now. It is relevant to the previous posts, and, via a comment, to Surry Hills.
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Congratulations to Jim Belshaw

One of Jim’s entries has been posted in the e-journal Online Opinion as one of the best Australian posts of 2007: Why I am not a conservative. I guess I can claim part of the kudos. 🙂

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M back from Antarctica

He found it a very special place.

He returns to Australia at the end of this month.

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Summer stories…

9RAW: ‘Not my fault’

That is from from Channel Nine News last night, and here is the story as told on The 7.30 Report. What I haven’t thus far been able to link or copy to is the treatment the story received on A Current Affair**, which really is the point of my mentioning it. The reporter there pushed the 16-year-old by constantly hectoring him about his sunglasses, urging him to apologise or grovel on TV, doing the usual impersonation of a crusading representative of public good, but getting for her pains the kind of defiance that, well, you’d expect. Our hero, in the meantime, managed to get himself shirtless on TV, an aspect of the whole affair that probably will boost his MySpace Facebook presence no end.***

It could be argued that this is a story which, aside from the costs and damage it led to and and the sheer numbers — apparently around 500 — involved, thanks to posting the party on the web, is not all that extraordinary in the world of adolescent boys if left to their own devices amid the McMansions. One could then wonder why the ABC bothered. However, The 7.30 Report did rather more than provoke, anger or titillate.

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