Two unrelated good news stories

16 Jan

9f6a 1. India and Australia are playing cricket again, in Western Australia, instead of silly buggers…** (No, that is not offensive in Australia! 😉 )

2. I mentioned the excellent SBS series East West 101 (right) back in December. A comment on that post from Wayne Smith says:

It has been sold to Israel and other countries in the Middle East plus two more series have now been given the go ahead.

That’s good to hear!

Next day

** Oh dear… Australia 4/61, but India just dropped a catch so Symonds lives on. Then a few seconds later: Michael Clarke gone; 5/61! Yes, FIVE for SIXTY-ONE!!!!

7.53 pm: Australia all out for 212 in 50 overs.

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One response to “Two unrelated good news stories

  1. Denys

    January 18, 2008 at 12:15 am

    That is great news about East West 101. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I get more people coming to my blog because they have done a google search for Don Hany than for any other search. Weird. He is easy on the eye.

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