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Who cannot be named for legal reasons…

Now that a certain nipple-pierced 16-year-old has been charged with something he “cannot be named for legal reasons” — at least in some jurisdictions; all very odd as both his names have been all over the media and the internet world-wide. My contribution to the subject was really about that phenomenon, and the role of tabloid current affairs shows in such matters.

There are of course certain organisations, not unrelated to rather inferior science fiction writing, which get very stroppy when they are named. Today’s Sydney Morning Herald provides but the latest in a long track record: here; and the book that triggered these latest stories cannot, thanks to the efforts of The Organisation, be bought at either Dymocks or Angus and Robertson, two of Sydney’s major book chains/franchises. When it comes to actual control of such matters this group leaves churches for dead, Catholic or otherwise, at least in the present day. The Hollywood actor famous for his association with the well-known litigious organisation I am not naming may be seen (for the time being at least) talking about it all on a really good WordPress blog Et Cetera, specifically here. You can watch it if you want to. It is a triumph of inarticulacy. The speaker will bore you to death before you get through the full nine or ten minutes, I can guarantee that, and we are told that there was more! He certainly won’t encourage any one to want to know more about his beliefs.

If that is being “advanced” along the road to a higher humanity, or whatever, then I’m not interested. Especially given the pricing system, which he doesn’t talk about: but each stage COSTS. I know that because I saw the price lists once. The speaker shows every indication of having had his head done in in a big way.

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Recycle 10: Is Australia a Christian country?

This was originally posted in November 2007 in [Old] Lines from a Floating Life. I propose to add some thoughts.

Jim Belshaw has an interesting post on this, to which I wrote an off-the-cuff response for the sake of discussion, and Jim has replied. My answer, basically, is “No”. Except in a very broad cultural sense. One could also ask the question in the past tense, as Jim has, and one would get very many answers, as indeed Jim points out. Obviously Australia is more a Christian culture than it is a Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Muslim, or Jewish one, yet all those are, and in all cases long have been, living traditions within Australian culture, not to mention what remains of Indigenous spirituality.

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