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While you wait

on_faith The previous entry is getting quite a few reads. While I contemplate a follow-up, let me commend Meanjin Vol 65 No 4 2006, unfortunately not online: check your library, or even buy one. Better than most blogs anyway!  Here is a partial contents:

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Complex problems, no easy solutions 1: addressing the Indigenous education gap

I was chuffed, of course, by this email from Mal W which arrived this morning as I was doing a bit of a trawl for this post.

Hello there,

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful blog.  Got up grumpy in the middle of the night and decided to see if anyone had ever got around [to] critically analyzing The Australian’s pet education spokesperson – one Kevin Donnelly of course – and came across your blog.  Thank you so much.  I live in hope again!

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