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18 Jan

on_faith The previous entry is getting quite a few reads. While I contemplate a follow-up, let me commend Meanjin Vol 65 No 4 2006, unfortunately not online: check your library, or even buy one. Better than most blogs anyway!  Here is a partial contents:


Kevin Hart 3 On Faith

A Christian perspective from one of our leading poets and philosophers

Ingrid Laemmle-Ruff 32 Faith and Land
On an unusual family and religious connection between Australia and the Middle East

Hanifa Deen 37 A Question of Boundaries
Muslims in Australia make an international splash with a recent court case

Stephen Crittenden 48 The Odd Couple
Pope Benedict’s inflammatory address on Islam allies him with a well-known atheist

Caroline Brothers 59 A Mexican Easter
Ancient pagan rituals meet and mingle with contemporary Christian ones

Damon Young 66 Faith without God
The gospel according to Nikos Kazantzakis

Gillian Bouras 72 Stronger than Death
How religious faith is likely to survive recent attacks on it by the likes of Richard Dawkins

Rachael Kohn 81 Faith in a ‘Post Secular’ Society
A popular broadcaster looks askance at some recent trends in spiritual life

Jennifer Sinclair 96 On Being for the World
Finding a spiritual via media between religious and secular imperatives

Sasha Cooper 108 On Transhumanism
A new secular philosophy and its critics

Barry Hill 117 From Hiroshima to the Twin Towers
The Zen philosophy of American poet Gary Snyder

Sophie Cunningham 128 Writing for Buddha
Why it’s hard to make Buddhism sound exciting

John Bartlett 169 Yahweh and Eros
Why institutional Christianity needs to rethink its views on sex

Rodney Wetherell 176 Dissenting Voices
Challenging the official Anglican line in non-Western cultures on homosexuality

Stuart Piggin 184 The Properties of Concrete
Sydney Anglicanism and its recent critics

Duncan Reid 212 Language of the Heart
On the changes in Russian worship since the end of the Soviet era

Morag Fraser 240 The Politics of Faith
Religion and populism: linking Dan Brown, Amanda Lohrey, Kevin Rudd and Andrew Denton

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