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Adelaide Oval Day 2

India’s doing very well: 9/525 at the moment, 45 being sundries — and Tendulkar’s great 153, after which India’s “tail” has added over 160…! Kumble is on 86; will he go on to 100? Now comes tea break, 30 minutes late because the last players are in.


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And now for something completely different…

I rarely post about Israel/Palestine*, which is not to say that I never think about the subject. I have after all in the past worked with Jews and Israelis, and I don’t have to look far down Elizabeth Street to find a Palestinian. Yet sitting here in 2008 in the territory of the Cadigal people of the Eora nation I find myself a little conflicted, if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, I am more than sad about the direction the State of Israel has taken, especially given that, whether it was a tragic mistake or not, its foundation did begin in hope, a hope shared by many on the Left too, let it be recalled.

Those who do have an undoubted right to speak on the subject include two rather different blogs, both of which I commend:

  • Desert Peace is an Israeli writing from a left perspective.

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Naked man post

williamtriescrown_alisonjackson Being the senior citizen that I am I think it is only right that my blog should eschew, unlike quite a few others also listed on Pinkboard, pictures of what some call “tottie”. This does not mean I am uninterested, I hasten to add…

Today I make an exception, and you must blame Creative Spark. The photo on the right just tickled me. As Creative Spark says:

Alison Jackson takes photos that can’t be taken, of celebrities in situations and places that probably never existed.

I wonder if Prince William ever has tried it on… 😉


In the weird and sleazy world of the spammer/spambot, this post is becoming a spam magnet already. You know what to do if you are desperate to say something: use the guest book or the contact page.

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Howard government’s anti-public education policy confirmed

Julia Gillard has said that no immediate changes will be made to current funding arrangements for non-government schools; the politics of that I can see, and the practicality of making changes when schools have already factored in what they understood they would get is fairly obvious. What is even more obvious is that the funding system introduced by the Howard government was patently unjust.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a story on this today.

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