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One reads strange things on other blogs, but then I am sure what I write must seem strange too at times. On a no-names-no-packdrill basis (for two of them) I would like to share three I have found just this afternoon.

1. Aboriginal reconciliation is a left-wing plot.

…even my leftist friends, who madly apologise for the arrival of Arthur Philip and the subsequent dispossession of the indigenous people, benefit from that we celebrate. We can certainly try to understand the events that shaped our nation but we live in the here and now and from where I stand it is pretty good.

Enjoy this day without shame.

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My activity today has been elsewhere, but here is the seven-day roundup

Today’s entries are here (also posted to English/ESL), here and on Ninglun on Blogspot. All are Australia Day related.

The past week** has seen 655*** views of this blog*, 1,028 of Oz Politics*, 1,140 of Old Floating Life*, and 1,806 of English/ESL (WordPress stats). Ninglun on Blogspot managed 119 page views (Google Analytics).

* These three are on one Sitemeter, which gives 2,626 page views for the week (2,823 when added together, according to WP, but that is on GMT not Australian time). A separate Sitemeter attributes 1,778 page views to English/ESL. That would however include visits to some related material on Geocities.

** Updated. The WP week — they count Saturday through Sunday — ended at 11am Monday our time.

Brought the format of English/ESL into line with the others.

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Australia Day Sunday at South Sydney Uniting Church

We had Kev Carmody in church today; well, not really…

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Multicultural Australia: you’re standing in it!

A small swag of human interest stories in today’s Sun-Herald in the wake of Australia Day say more about the comparative success of Australian multiculturalism — diversity AND cohesion — than a whole peck of moanings and mutterings on talk-back radio or similar venues. Aussie pride? Stories like this give it to me in heaps. May there be more and more of them. Let’s celebrate what we have with open hearts.

The first story is such a great contrast to the brief agony that was Cronulla 05.

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