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More cyber condoms

Back in December I posted Cyber condoms? 

With so many dodgy things out there on the Internet all of us (especially those using Windows) need to practise safe surfing. What protection do you use? Yes, there are firewalls, but I’m afraid having tried a few and found they have their downsides I use the one XP comes with. Given that of course, I need extra protection, aside from anti-virus where I have opted for Avast!. So I have Spybot Search and Destroy and Spyware Blaster

So I installed Spyware Terminator, but opted eventually to get rid of the security guard toolbar that comes with it…

In addition I have McAfee Site Advisor on IE; it is a bummer trying to hook it to Firefox I have found so there I opted for WOT, reviewed here...

Now with all that installing and uninstalling my computer would simply not function without Ccleaner, which very smoothly removes the stuff uninstallers leave behind…

I finally succeeded in getting the McAfee Site Advisor to work in Firefox. Keeping WOT as well and another program called Finjan

Finally, a registry cleaner that is free, does not seem too aggressive, yet is thorough. For sure the Toshiba is working better for its ministrations: Eusing Registry Cleaner. That’s a very thorough review of it.

All the items mentioned are free.

Over a month later and I am very happy with all those. But I have more! Both are really good. Read the rest of this entry »

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He was a "character" when all is said and done…

p It will be apparent to anyone who has followed my blogs over the past few years that I am not a great fan of the late Padraic McGuinness; Paul Sheehan’s friendly obituary piece is actually quite amusing, however, and I suspect Paddy M would rather like it. The neat little caricature on the left is taken from another friendly source, The Rathouse. Whether that was originally meant to be PP or not I am not sure*, but it certainly resembles him. Sheehan concludes:

Spleen was his calling card. Economics his expertise. Opinion his livelihood. Like many dyspeptic people, he also had a wide streak of generosity, and a sardonic sense of humour.

McGuinness was a prolific commentator, first as economics editor of the Financial Review then as a columnist for the Herald and The Age, and The Australian, switching several times between Fairfax and News Ltd. His final job was as editor of Quadrant, where he helped force out the previous editor, Robert Manne.

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