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Australian Poem: 2008 series #4 and #5 — two for the price of one

You could say these poems are a comment on the discussion that has been taking place over at my OzPolitics blog.

Paul Buttigieg (Paolo’s Poems) is familiar to me only from his web site; I have not come across his work elsewhere. I think he is from Western Australia. I like what I have seen. Here is one example:

Black Bastards

I heard an urban white man speak
About we black bastards
The troubles we caused
His mob
The knowledge we lacked about city life


Forty years later
I heard him again
Praising our black souls
As we saved his white arse from an unforgiving bush


A thousand miles from water

He loved the sight of us black bastards

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One more stats thing


That is from my latest little widget and covers all the blogs. What it means is that over January there has been a trend for more people to be on one or other of the blogs, the blue bar being the maximum that day of people on one of my blogs at the same time, the green being the average number that day. Yesterday was the first when twelve separate visitors were all reading something in the same half hour or so.

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So how was January?

The overall picture on the Floating Life blogs and sites (see the About tab above) was good.


Using WordPress stats to break that down, we find:

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