For Thomas and all those other students out there…

03 Feb

There is an easier way! I wish I’d had the opportunity, but when I was an undergraduate there was only one computer in Sydney, and it occupied practically a whole floor in the Physics Department at Sydney University.

Nowadays you can…


I won’t be making that phone call. That has so many of the classic “sucker signals” one learns about in either English or Commerce, or both, at high school. As well as the article I have linked to that screen shot, you might also read Phony Degrees a Hot Net Scam on

Gregory Caplinger was indicted for wire fraud after claiming to be an accomplished medical doctor with two fake medical degrees and over 20 years of botched treatments.

Caplinger posed as an M.D. in North Carolina and Florida, where he was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license.

“There are people out there with fake degrees doing terrible things,” Bear said. “The human damage can be considerable.”

Fake degrees have also been found among military and government officials, Bear said. One virtual university even offers a mail-order degree in nuclear engineering safety. “Yet most people don’t take [diploma mills] seriously,” Bear said.

Educators and law enforcement officials are reluctant to prosecute and slow to keep up with the growing rate of online diploma mills. Additionally, accreditation laws vary across different states, and some states have lenient rules with loopholes that allow diploma mills to operate.

Bear estimates that there are more than 50 unaccredited universities in Hawaii, where accreditation rules were virtually nonexistent until recently.

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One response to “For Thomas and all those other students out there…

  1. Thomas

    February 3, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    The only difference between that offer and some of the ones at Sydney uni, is that that doesn’t take three years.

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