On Islam again: preliminary

03 Feb

On New Years Day this year I posted Everyone has an opinion about Islam… There have been one or two posts since, dealing especially with a local issue here in Sydney: see Where do you think Jesus would be in this?

Now I have promised on my new "coordination" blog, Ninglun’s Site News, something more.

Next on Ninglun on Blogspot will be a post on the Archbishop of Canterbury and that goose in Holland who is slavering over yet another provocative documentary that purports to save us from the Threat of Islam. Yes, I do see a connection, and it works rather in the Archbishop’s favour. It will be a few days yet before that post appears. Arthur drew my attention to the Archbishop with The Archbishop of Canterbury wants to ban Five Public Opinions. The crazy Dutchman is extreme Right politician Geert Wilders, who has decided to release an “anti-Koranic” film in March; it promises to rehash all the anti-Muslim tropes that have infested Europe since the Middle Ages.

I did of course note, but did not post on, Baghdad bombs ’strapped to mentally impaired women’ — which I think carries its own condemnation as a despicable act by any standards, Muslim or otherwise, without any conceivable justification, and I am sure is seen as such by most thinking Muslims.

My post Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam documentary on ABC tonight (31 January) has attracted 46 individual visits in the past two days.

So I have been reading the Quran — well, not the whole thing, but quite a lot of it. I have to say that this, Sura 55, must by any standards be one of the great religious, well, poems… English poet Michael Shepherd has in fact made it into a poem:

From the Koran, Sura 55:

The Lord, the Merciful, has taught you this:
created you; and gave you gift of speech;
made order in the world; made plants and trees;
which blessing of the Lord would you deny?

He made the heavens; set balance in all things,
through laws which, followed, keep you close to Him,
and watches over you afresh each day;
which blessing of the Lord would you deny?

The earth, its fruits and grain and scented herbs;
salt water in the sea, yet fresh for you;
the good rewarded and the bad destroyed;
and, though you die, His majesty abides;

compassion, mercy, glory, majesty –
which blessing of the Lord would you deny?

Michael Shepherd

Sura 55 also gives that vision of Paradise, houris and all, that comes in for much mockery, though it is no sillier than clouds, harps and angels.

But this is not the promised entry; rather a promissory note!

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