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Interest rates up

We knew it would happen, and know it will happen again. At the moment even the most one-eyed supporter of the Howard/Costello government would have to concede this would have happened even if TEH TEAM was still on the job. A new government that has been in place for a mere two months can’t cop the blame for this rise, nor credit if for some reason the Reserve Bank had not raised rates.

Perhaps this pre-election post is right after all: The treasurer is mainly pretence. There I cite Andrew Charlton:

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The promised post: inevitably anticlimactic

At last I am writing that promised post linking Arthur, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the latest bit of right-wing European pop anti-Islam, and, for good measure, a couple of rather hideous rather challenging*** women from the central west of NSW. Needless to say the post cannot fail but to be shallow.

First, I do feel for the Archbishop of Canterbury who is generally speaking one of the good guys in the religious world. You can tell that by the way fundamentalists tend to despise him. I am not, I must add, an Anglican. Lately he delivered a lecture that was subsequently reported in the press; Arthur gets into this because he listed the Times version of the story in one of his collections of feral religious manifestations. (See previous entry.) This is what the Archbishop actually said.

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