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The first article of any faith must be…

… that God is, one hopes, not a raving loony.

By that creed, God would no doubt find the following particularly vexing, as (not for the first time) raving loonies have done what they have done far too often, projected their madness, their cultural hangups, their fetishes, their inadequacies, their fear of change, as His will.

You may have seen the story, and yes it is about Muslim purism; things just as mad, just as bad, have been done over the years in other theological jurisdictions, whenever the twin scourges of power and belief in infallible texts have come together.

Maryam Namazie, who admittedly writes from a feminist left viewpoint, posted this in New Statesman. There is a parallel post on Renegade Eye: Downloading: Punishable by death?

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Meet a blog

In this case from Ireland.That’s Ireland shows a gift for visualising issues, as you may see. Click the image to go straight to the entry.

thats ireland

Serious issue too.

The following new blog is Australian and also deals with serious issues. After a while you may find yourself in familiar territory…

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February South Sydney Herald here

Check the February 2008 South Sydney Herald (PDF). Go to their site for more.

Nothing by me, but some interesting stories and features you won’t find in the mainstream press.

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Need to catch up

I have some reviews in waiting, as I have been reading and viewing some good things lately. Soon. 🙂

Meanwhile, consider my desk. It is at least one hundred years old now.

It is an Edwardian Arts and Crafts drop-front solid English Oak desk with bookshelves above (glass doors) and below (oak doors), a bit like this one:


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Ross Gittins channels my thinking….

Yesterday I wrote:

Terrible thought, but perhaps the government should reconsider its election promises, especially the ones they me-too-ed from Howard and Costello… I don’t think they will though.

Ross Gittins in today’s Sydney Morning Herald writes:

Is it possible we’ve elected a politician who intends to keep his promises? In convening his 2020 Summit, Kevin Rudd says he’s open to suggestions about policies the Government could pursue after 2009. Before then, however, he won’t be walking away from any of his election commitments.

And that’s lovely. A return to higher standards of political honesty would be great. But what matters more: keeping your promises come what may or doing what’s best for the country?

The two don’t always coincide – especially when, in your desperation to win office, you sidestepped much controversy by saying “me too” to a lot of policies that weren’t as sensible as they should have been…


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Marcel contributes to freedom of religion debate

Obviously the previous post raises questions about freedom of speech and of religion in Australia, as have some other posts here on issues like "Is Australia a Christian country?"

Marcellous has rightly pointed out that here we tend to forget we are not Americans. He is reflecting on what right-wing newspaper opinionista Miranda Devine had to say in defence of Tom Cruise and his science-fiction inspired "religion".

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