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I’m with Cathy rather than Keith

Apology is right thing to do: Cathy

CATHY Freeman finds it hard to articulate why her people need an apology, but deep down she knows it’s the right thing to do.

“I am not going to try and break down the reasons why an apology should be given,” she tells The Weekend Australian. “But in my heart I feel there is a real need for it.

“I have not studied the claims for compensation, so I don’t feel I can comment on that at this stage until I have distilled more information.

“But saying sorry will mean so much to so many people. It is going to be a really proud moment for us.

“For my family, it allows some kind of healing and forgiveness to take place where there is less anger and bitterness in the hearts of people. It takes away the pain. We will never forget, but this allows us to forgive.”

For Freeman, the apology to the Stolen Generations, to be delivered by Kevin Rudd on behalf of parliament next week, will be very personal.

Since stepping away from the track, she has been on an emotional journey into her own history, trawling through government archives.

And what she has learned has been painful: how her mother, a member of the Stolen Generations, was refused permission to visit her parents at Christmas; how her great-great-grandfather fought for Australia in World War I but, as an Aborigine, was never paid for his service and returned, not a hero, but a slave.

The discoveries have only strengthened her feeling that an apology is not only necessary, but decades overdue…

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Saturday who read what on my WordPress — 2

OK, here we go again with the past seven days of visits to individual posts and pages. Links open in the present window.

Here: 87 views so far this week.

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Old Lines from a Floating Life — and from here on I will add the top posts for all the life of the blog in an additional list, thanks to an addition just made to WordPress stats. 934 views so far this week.

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Unfortunate headline

The latest example of the perils of US gun culture — and it is a sad story of course — is reported thus on the ABC News site:

Nursing student shoots dead classmates.

I think you will see there is a problem there.


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