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Wagga cattleman Simon Bedak gets a prize for concision:


Says as much as my many words! 😉

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The day after

I have added the full version of the Apology speech to the VodPod on the right.

Perhaps the most significant thing to emerge yesterday was this:

coalition THE Federal Government and Opposition have agreed to form a “war cabinet” for indigenous policy, a recognition that yesterday’s apology was just the first step in addressing the social disadvantage plaguing Aboriginal Australia.

In a day that was both historic and controversial, the Opposition Leader, Brendan Nelson, accepted the offer from the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to form the joint policy commission as both apologised on behalf of the Parliament to the stolen generations.

It is believed to be the first such political union since World War II and one which will ensure political responsibility for indigenous policy would be more evenly spread.

Mr Rudd set his Government the following tasks: to provide every indigenous four-year-old in a remote community with early childhood education within five years; to halve the gap between white and black Australia in literacy, numeracy and literacy within a decade; to halve the infant mortality rates within a generation; and close the life expectancy gap. Read the rest of this entry »

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What else happened yesterday?

I had a new coachee in Chinatown yesterday afternoon; he goes to The Mine. I gather from talking to MK, who teaches Science to the new coachee, on Monday that Delenio is now in Cambridge pursuing his French heretics; the coachee recalled the talk Delenio gave at an assembly at The Mine a couple of years back, where he had recommended following one’s curiosity wherever it may lead, unexpected directions in D’s case. The coachee did not recall the talk last year by D’s ABC (as in broadcasting, not ethnicity) classmate. Perhaps the coachee was away that day. He was impressed by my being able, at this first tuition session, to look him up on my laptop and tell him how he had performed in literacy in 2005, what his mother tongue was, and how long he had been in Australia. No, not magic: just that my Mine dossiers are still on board here. In fact I have a new round of literacy tests for the current Year 7 waiting for processing right now…

Yesterday’s events were streamed live to classes at The Mine, apparently.

After coaching I went up to Oxford Street hoping to see Sirdan and The Empress at The Midnight Shift. They had arrived back in Australia yesterday morning. The Empress was there, but Sirdan had gone home. The Empress was carrying two original William Hogarth prints he had picked up in London, including this one:

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