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Read Anita Heiss on 13 February

Dr Anita Heiss is from the Wiradjuri nation of central NSW. She is an author, poet, social commentator and cultural activist. Her post on the ANTaR blog is well worth reading.

February 13 2008 – An Apology and a new heart for Australia

Messages of ‘Sorry’ and ‘support’ started flooding in via sms and email on Monday. They reached a peak as the speeches ended yesterday morning and I stood amongst thousands on Parliamentary Hill, breathing in fresh air that was filled with hope, history, forgiveness and unity…

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A hardy perennial

Why do we blog?

I mention this because it has come up in a few places lately, and there is no single answer. Legal Eagle: Blogging meme: Gimme three good reasons why you blog; Bruce on the same. Both of them interesting.

Just now I read Is Blogging A Health Hazard? on Dangerous Creation, which alluded perhaps to my Gateway site here:

…other blogs are so boring (eg. they provide endless statistics and frequent trivial posts that are of no interest to anyone except the author) that people have died while waiting for something to happen!

At the risk of seeming, even being, boring I have decided to rerun a 2006 post which was in response to another 2006 post by the author of Dangerous Creation in which he was saying much the same as he just said.


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Why my computer sings…

I am very wary of some free utilities after a terrible experience with one about a year ago which ate my computer. I always read lots of reviews now before downloading anything, and I also have my heart in my mouth when after all that I run the program, if I have decided it seems good, for the first time.

Such was the case with JkDefrag. Nervously I watched it apparently doing all kinds of radical stuff to my hard disk, and nervously I rebooted after it had finished.


But my computer loved it!

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Spielberg bails out


I find that my conscience will not allow me to continue business as usual.

Steven Spielberg, announcing his resignation as artistic advisor for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, to protest China’s support for the Sudanese government and “the unspeakable crimes against humanity that continue to be committed in Darfur.” (Source: BBC )

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