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Is religion a force for good or evil?


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Apparently Barack Obama is the Antichrist

Many years ago I had a friend who concluded he was the Archangel Michael, when in fact he was merely an out-of-work English teacher. It had its amusing side, like the night he concluded Satan had turned off his radio in the early hours of the morning in Forest Lodge. My friend had been listening to JJJ at full volume apparently, and Satan, in the guise of a pissed-off neighbour, pulled the plug at my friend’s fuse box. My friend — it was a hot night — set off in search of a public phone (this was before mobiles) to inform JJJ, as you would, about what Satan had done but forgot that he was naked at the time. That’s when the police spotted him, and on hearing why he was wandering about in the nude took him to an appropriate place.

My friend of course was mad.

People with a similar hold on reality have apparently come to the conclusion that Barack Obama has apocalyptic significance, as reported by an amazed Christian blogger in Scotland: "a 29 year old teacher, musician, worship leader and husband from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland".

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Caught up with Sirdan

sydney062worfla006 I had Sunday lunch with Sirdan yesterday and am now the proud owner of two Buckingham Palace tea towels. Lunch was meant to be at Chinese Whisper, but that was closed. Instead we went to Maya Masala and Sweets Indian Restaurant 468-472 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, Sydney; I had been there once before with The Rabbit who knows more about this food than I do.

Highly recommended.

We had chaat, not knowing really what it was, and sweets to follow. We plan to return.

In case you read this, Sirdan, here is the menu.

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