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Mardi Gras related


If I go I will be about an hour late… Sounds interesting though, and I am not doing much about Mardi Gras this year. As for last year, see here and here, and before that quite a few entries and pages on the Big Archive.

The Empress is a 78-er: that is he was in the first Mardi Gras in 1978. (That’s from a left-wing source and they do romanticise themselves a bit, in my opinion. Shame about the attitudes and policies of people like Castro and Mugabe…) He’s not participating this year on the grounds it is all too commercial now and, he thinks, has lost the plot. That is perhaps a bit too strong, though I know what he means. I think it still serves a useful purpose, and is also one of Sydney’s more colourful occasions, though some still find it confronting. That last may in fact be proof The Empress is not right…

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