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24 Feb


If I go I will be about an hour late… Sounds interesting though, and I am not doing much about Mardi Gras this year. As for last year, see here and here, and before that quite a few entries and pages on the Big Archive.

The Empress is a 78-er: that is he was in the first Mardi Gras in 1978. (That’s from a left-wing source and they do romanticise themselves a bit, in my opinion. Shame about the attitudes and policies of people like Castro and Mugabe…) He’s not participating this year on the grounds it is all too commercial now and, he thinks, has lost the plot. That is perhaps a bit too strong, though I know what he means. I think it still serves a useful purpose, and is also one of Sydney’s more colourful occasions, though some still find it confronting. That last may in fact be proof The Empress is not right…

This did catch my eye today:

photo2 UP TO 100 reverends, ministers and pastors will march in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to apologise to those rejected by churches because of their sexuality.

More than 30 clerics – from the Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal and Uniting churches – planned to march and more than 60 had signed an apology, 100 Revs group spokesman pastor Mike Hercock (right) said.

“Church has been a hostile place for a number of people, including the homosexual community. It’s really trying to get away from the ideology of throwing rocks,” he said.

Mardi Gras chairman Marcus Bourget: “It’s a historic moment in the history of Mardi Gras for ministers to be marching to say sorry. In a way, it’s what Mardi Gras is all about – understanding, compassion and acceptance.”


This is a long way from that creepy and far too famous little sect in the USA, Fred someone, whom I won’t even dignify with a link. Instead, look at The Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists (USA) and Soulforce.

For Sydney more generally, see:


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