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Meet two neighbourhood blogs

The first came my way as I was searching for information while posting this on Ninglun on Blogspot; Rob Baiton in Indonesia found that entry last night and left a comment there, while also being inspired by “Don’t say you weren’t warned” to post an entry of his own.

Generally, I try and be understanding of all, even the far Christian right, but this supposed Church is so far right that I do not think they are in cooee distance. Besides, I just do not see that rational argument is an option here. Look, how do you argue a rational point of view with a Church whose website address is After all, these are the same religious zealots (I must admit other words came to mind other than zealot) that protest at the funerals of returned service men and women in the US.

Apparently, God is killing America’s young men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq as punishment for moving away from the pure teachings of God. It appears that in particular God sends down his wrath against anyone or any country that tolerates homosexuality.The above just goes to show that there is no one religion that has a monopoly on fundamentalist teachings and interpretations. Even ones that seem to cross the line to vilification and hate speech in some pundits’ books!

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