Here is some truth about Obama’s religious position

29 Feb

I have already posted on the quite seriously insane idea — and I mean insane quite literally and clinically — that Obama is the Antichrist. The benefit of course has been to this (and other blogs) who mention the words Obama and Antichrist, a great recipe for increasing traffic at the moment. Malevolent, though, as well as ignorant have been the Obama is a Muslim posts and comments: not that there would be any great harm, except to his electoral chances in the USA, if Obama were a Muslim. But he isn’t.

For a bit of truth on this go to Sojourners and read the whole article: I just got the email minutes ago.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Defending the Facts on Obama’s Faith (by Jim Wallis)

I don’t endorse political candidates, but I will defend them when it becomes necessary. On this, I agree with my friend, Richard Land, the conservative Southern Baptist leader who is often identified with the Religious Right. Richard and I agree that faith has a place in politics and, when we agree on fundamental moral questions, have worked together. Richard says, "I have defended various candidates from time to time when I’ve felt that they have been unfairly or inaccurately criticized. At other times, I have been asked by the media for my assessment of a particular candidate’s chances or weaknesses and strengths. Neither defense nor assessment should be confused with endorsement. As a matter of policy, I have not endorsed, do not endorse and will not endorse candidates."

So I am going to defend my friend, Barack Obama, from an increasing number of ridiculous and scurrilous attacks on the Internet and in the media. The latest incident occurred when a loud-mouth radio talk show host in Cincinnati let loose with a barrage of disparaging remarks against Senator Obama and kept using his middle name—Barack HUSSEIN Obama—over and over, seemingly to tie into the Internet accusations that Obama is really a Muslim who, as a child, attended a Muslim "madrassa" school in Indonesia that taught Islamic fundamentalism, etc. As a Chicago Tribune blog piece commented, "Anyone who uses Obama’s middle name repeatedly, like Cincinnati radio host Bill Cunningham the other day, knows what he or she is doing and what feelings they are trying to evoke. There’s simply nothing innocent about it." …

So let’s set the record straight. I have known Barack Obama for more than 10 years, and we have been talking about his Christian faith for a decade. Like me and many other Christians, he agrees with the need to reach out to Muslims around the world, especially if we are ever to defeat Islamic fundamentalism. But he is not a Muslim, never has been, never attended a Muslim madrassa, and does not attend a black "separatist" church. Rather, he has told me the story of his coming from an agnostic household, becoming a community organizer on Chicago’s South Side who worked with the churches, and how he began attending one of them. Trinity Church is one of the most prominent and respected churches in Chicago and the nation, and its pastor, Jeremiah Wright, is one of the leading revival preachers in the black church. Ebony magazine once named him one of America’s 15 best Black preachers. The church says it is "unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian," like any good black church would, but is decidedly not "separatist," as its white members and friends would attest…

Thank God nothing quite as putrid as this Obama idiocy disgraced the recent Australian elections, except for one little sideshow out in the west of Sydney which disgusted everybody and was one small part of Howard’s come-uppance. If after reading Jim Wallis anyone wastes any more time on this then I just feel sorry for them. It’s not my country, of course, but unfortunately your nuttiness does impact on the rest of us, and who you vote for will concern us because we have to live with it too. I imagine the majority of Americans are comparatively sane, and that the majority don’t take any of the crap we have been reading seriously. I certainly hope so. As for the rest: don’t stop your medication.

I did however read recently that Obama has stepped up his personal security. Unfortunately, he probably needs to.

Just out of interest: Obama’s religious views, from what I can see, are not dissimilar to our own Kevin Rudd’s.


This post is interesting, not so much on the above as it takes up a different aspect; but given my interest in diversity and multiculturalism (properly understood) I found it informative: Trevor Phillips is wrong about Barack Obama.

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