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Too awful even to name

[The following appears as ad in Haaretz, today Feb. 29, 2008]

64% of the Israeli public already agree:
We must talk with Hamas about a
Cease Fire!
No Qassams! No targeted assassinations! No mortar shells! No incursions! No blockade!

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Spiritual predator

bennyhinn There’s a lot of them around, of course, but I have in mind a piece in today’s Sydney Morning Herald by David Millikan, at one time minister at South Sydney Uniting, about one Toufik Benedictus Hinn (right): God, power and money.

There is nothing mysterious about how you earn $US200 million ($215 million) a year promising people prosperity, healing and eternal salvation. No one knows how to do it better than Pastor Benny Hinn. I was at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre last month and saw the Hinn machine in action – healing and sucking in the money.

I went with my friend Greg Toohey, who was in a wheelchair. There is nothing wrong with him – he wanted to get on the stage in front of 8000 people and pretend he was healed. The idea was to put a question to Hinn at the moment Toohey was meant to collapse under Hinn’s touch, “slain in the spirit”. This was the question: “Pastor Benny, is it true that the US Senate is investigating your finances?”

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I guess it is a good thing when one’s prejudices get worked over and one is left feeling a bit of a fraud. That is one effect watching Compass last night had on me, as I was made only too aware of my lack of experience and qualification in so many ways. In Part 2 of a series that began with “Australian Men Pt 1: The New Dad” I found many presuppositions challenged as Geraldine Doogue presented a number of our well-known wheelers and dealers in rather a novel light.

The second in Geraldine Doogue’s three-part series about men in the 21st century features dinner with six blokes from the big end of town. Journalist and broadcaster Mike Carlton, home loan tycoon John Symond and the late mobile phone czar “Crazy John” Ilhan are among the big-wigs discussing their ambitious natures, private fallibilities, sacrifices and spoils of success. Men still dominate the upper echelons of business so it is intriguing to hear them open up so. It is also affecting to listen to Ilhan’s reflections on family, aspirations and past anguishes.

Transcript available.

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