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This just intrigued me

Just surfing (and boosting) through BlogExplosion I came upon this post, which I take at face value: I’ve Heard It All: Karl Rove on McCain’s “Black Love Child.

I was at lunch and was flipping through the radio stations and heard Karl Rove being interviewed on Sean Hannity’s radio show. It wasn’t a very interesting conversation until near the end. Rove complimented John McCain and his wife Cindy for their family values (more on that later). He mentioned Cindy’s “love and devotion” for the ill three month-old infant she rescued from a Bangladeshi orphanage (the McCains later adopted the child).

Let’s go back to the 2000 election. Rove was behind a whisper campaign right before the South Carolina primary (right after McCain trounced George W. Bush in the New Hampshire primary). Among the rumors spread by Rove and company were that Cindy McCain was a drug addict and that the Bangladeshi child they had was McCain’s black “love child.”

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Saturday who read what on my WordPress — 4

New Lines from a Floating Life

The top five posts/pages to be individually read in the past seven days were:

The only gay in the village… 40
How good is your English? 22
Rampant: How a City Stopped a Plague 21
Police and Sydney Mardi Gras 14
Education Week’s “Quality Counts 2008” survey 13

Old Lines from a Floating Life

Friday Australian poem #17: Bruce Dawe  99
The connection has timed out — Firefox 71
Bill Heffernan! 63
Ian McKellen and Judi Dench in Macbeth 41
Two Australian poems of World War II 39

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