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Old cyber friend reappears

Years ago now I was a regular at a UK site called Out Everywhere — before they started charging for the privilege! I often chatted with a retired Cambridge scientist named Robin. Interesting guy. He had been part of the British Antarctic research team; now there is someone to have talked to about global warming! Just now he reappeared on MSN Messenger! Guess I might be able to ask those questions after all.

Another of my Out Everywhere friends was one Tariq Timur. There’s a great photo (see below) he sent me of the Paris Gay Pride 2002 on my old Geocities site: Read the rest of this entry »

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Still stirring the pot

The Herald continues today with:

I still wonder what the drift of this series is, as it really is encompassing a whole gamut of phenomena from very disparate parts of Australia. Is it saying governments have been incompetent and we need to lift our policy game across the board? Is it saying white middle class Australians are a pack of racist bastards? I am really not sure…

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