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Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen…

My last Surry Hills Library DVD review employed words like “integrity”. The word cannot be applied to An American Haunting (2005); a machine programmed to generate loud noises and special effects cliches, saving on lighting by turning the lights off*, must have been used to create it. What the input of the writer/director (Courtney Solomon) was, unless it was to be slave to the machine, I can’t say. Perhaps Brent Monahan’s original novel was better. It is said to be “based on” a true story, “based on” in the case of this movie meaning “Well, there was a true story there once, but we didn’t let that stop us…”

Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland should have known better.

For starters, it would be really nice, for a change, if this kind of pseudo-religious schlock showed even a passing knowledge of religion, especially of the religion of the people of 19th century Tennessee, the setting for most of the story. Now I am sure they believed all kinds of amazing things, but I am absolutely sure they would never have garbled their Bibles as the script — we are told here was one — calls upon the actors in this travesty to do; they sure as hell — sorry — would never have said Yahweh. “Jehovah”, maybe.

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Some issues are hard to talk about rationally…

… not least the interface between adolescent sexuality and adults. You will note the care with which I phrase that.

Back in November 2006 I had a problem on Old Lines from a Floating Life, at a time when passions on the subject were running hotter than usual: Hey, aren’t we forgetting something?

I almost regret saying the other day: “It seems too that NSW Labor HQ could do with a seminar or two on the subject, or on ethics at least.” That should read, “Quite a few people in the NSW Parliament and in the media…”

I am not going to go into detail on the Orkopoulos affair and the subsequent accusations, including the ones about the links between certain development projects and politicians, which is more what I had in mind. It worries me, and I see from the ABC News just now it worries a law professor at UNSW and former Victorian (Liberal Party) Premier Jeff Kennett as well, that “charged with” and “accused of” are being treated as equivalent to “tried for” and “found guilty of.” They are not equivalents, and that concept is foundational in our legal system…

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