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You read it second here

Because I read it first on Thomas’s blog, dated 16 March 2008:  Barack Obama is the Democratic candidate. Probably a correct call.

Then try Barrack (sic) Obama, Gay Serial Killer? Not on Thomas’s blog. Antichrist? Muslim? And now this? They sure know how to do politics in the USA, don’t they? All Kevin Rudd was accused of, if I remember rightly, was going to a strip club once, dining out with some crook in WA, and not having any policies… Oh, and of being a socialist… (LOL)

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I would be very suspicious…

… of anyone who comes along and tells me to throw out good psychiatric care in favour of exorcism and demonology. Dangerous stuff, best kept, if anywhere, in the kind of crap movie I spit at on Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen… 

Today’s crusade de jour in the Sydney Morning Herald does raise serious questions about coffee shops, mental illness, Pentecostals and dodgy practices: see They prayed to cast Satan from my body and related stories linked there.

THEY call themselves the Mercy Girls. And after years of searching they have found each other.

Bound by separate, damaging experiences at the hands of an American-style ministry operating in Sydney and the Sunshine Coast, these young women have clawed their way back to begin a semblance of a life again.

Desperate for help, they had turned to Mercy Ministries suffering mental illness, drug addiction and eating disorders…

Instead of the promised psychiatric treatment and support, they were placed in the care of Bible studies students, most of them under 30 and some with psychological problems of their own. Counselling consisted of prayer readings, treatment entailed exorcisms and speaking in tongues, and the house was locked down most of the time, isolating residents from the outside world and sealing them in a humidicrib of pentacostal religion…

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Visit John Taplin’s blog, a good one to meet at this time.

See also The good, bad, and confusing by Ross Gittins (13 March).

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The natives are so damned ungrateful…

…shouldn’t they know that we are bringing them the finest fruits of Civilisation? It’s so frustrating, Carruthers Zhang; and there they go with that infernal chanting, and that disrespect for order and property… Why can’t they be grateful? Don’t they know how hard we work for them, raising them from their primitive ignorance? And we have brought the RAILWAYS too, the bastards… You’d think they’d be happy.


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