Posts for Holy Thursday 2008

20 Mar

On New Lines from a Floating Life I follow up on Thomas’s post on Barack Obama’s Philadelphia speech. In the afternoon I added Yawning Bread’s views on Tibet.

Floating Life Sans Words lives up to its title with Holy Thursday: Tintoretto “Last Supper” but strays a little on Train set for Morris Iemma? Then I couldn’t resist About the Tom Roberts painting in the side bar…

STATS NOTE: Sitemeter

So far this month Sitemeter says the various Floating Life sites have had 7,439 visits and 9,010 page views (as at 1.30 pm). March 2007 totalled 8,919/12,833. However, at that time English/ESL was included in the count… To date, English/ESL has had 5,832/7688 this month. The real comparison then is to 13,271 visits and 16,698. Just thought I’d mention that. 😉

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