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More bloggery and stattery

Yesterday Thomas mentioned in the course of his 24 hours post the Technorati authority stats:

9:22pm – Check my Technorati profile and blog rating. This blog, among the registered blogs at Technorati, is now ranked 150,747. Yesterday, at around the same time, it was 135,000-something. This fall is due to the blog losing ‘authority’ – links from other blogs. It was at 55 ‘authority’ yesterday; now it’s only at 51. Out of interest, I go looking for what Ninglun’s Gateway has (962,510/ 8 ‘authority’), New Lines from a Floating Life (294,012/ 28 ‘authority’) and then Personal Reflections, Jim Belshaw’s blog, (345,597/ 24 ‘authority’)…

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Nice story

Go and visit Last laugh on Eclectic Garden.

There was a time when my grandmother was a vivacious and romantic young schoolteacher who loved the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and quoted the poetry of Tennyson. She was funny and mischievous well into old age…
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This should be interesting

After coaching today I will be having a drink with an ex-student from Wollongong, someone  I haven’t seen since that other life in the early to mid 1970s. He has visited the blog though, notably OzPolitics in the past few days: A year since the Liberals lost the NSW elections. I had hoped Simon H, a classmate of said person, could join us, but unfortunately responsibilities to elderly and ailing parents in Wollongong prevent him.

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A tale of two kingdoms

Though only one of them is technically a kingdom…

The first, Zimbabwe, is a fiefdom presided over by a clearly irrational 84-year-old dogmatist with personality issues. Last night the 7.30 Report delivered a rare look at this fiefdom: Inside Zimbabwe.
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