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So of course I blogged it…

It is a bit strange when someone claims their cat writes their blog, mind you, but I just couldn’t not blog Welcome to Blogaholics Anonymous. 😉


Usually this is a two-phase problem.It frequently starts off as problem blogging. This involves the repeated act of blogging, quite often in an attempt to alleviate anxiety of some form.

The second phase is blog addiction. This is when the person is truly addicted to the repeated act of blogging.

Blogaholics may exhibit some or all of the following criteria:

  1. Physiological dependence on blogs with evidence of withdrawal symptoms when blogging ability is interrupted. (Ex: Person becomes irate when mundane life tasks take them away from their blog and/or feels like they cannot get through the day without some form of blogging.) 
  2. Tolerance to the effects of blogging, prompting the need for more and more blogging in order to achieve the desired effect. (Ex: Creating one blog a day is no longer satisfactory. Now the individual necessitates the creation of multiple blogs, sometimes 5 or more, each day. * Note that 5 or more blogs in one hour may indicate a separate, but related, problem known as binge blogging.) Read the rest of this entry »
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TV delights on DVD

My Surry Hills Library DVDs, free to view — an important point for the fiscally challenged like myself, have given me much entertainment in the past week.

ArmisteadMaupin Further Tales from the City (2001) is the latest in the film adaptations of Armistead Maupin’s brilliant series, a kind of gay Pickwick Papers of life in San Francisco, this time in 1981. The plot line is more than a touch bizarre, but I really enjoyed the three hours. There are excellent supplementaries on the DVD as well. Maupin himself (right) was deeply involved in the adaptation, adding elements that are not in the book. He is very happy with the result, but concedes some things, such as interior monologues, can’t be transposed. He feels, however, that in many ways the adaptation is actually better than the book.

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On listening and setting aside prejudices

Galarrwuy Yunupingu is an Indigenous leader of great stature. I have referred to him several times before. In today’s Sydney Morning Herald he argues that not all was bad, comparatively, in the days the Christian Missions were more involved in Aboriginal communities. Some will find that challenging, but he may well be right.

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