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Dictionary of Sydney Project

I stumbled on this while writing the previous entry. I am quite excited by it!


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On leaving home

No, not me at the moment, but I believe today is Rabbit Emigration Day, an event long plotted and anticipated. Hope the rain holds off. 🙂

I was around one year older than The Rabbit when I fled both home and The Shire, and there are enough similarities for me to empathise, but there are also big differences, aside from the obvious, such as an almost forty year gap. One is that The Rabbit is confirming his S-W Sydney identification, though it appears going somewhat more rustic. In my case, oddly, I entered my father and mother’s past environment, and came ashore just around the corner from where my father’s sister had lived for many years.  He is the oldest of three siblings, while I was the youngest of three, albeit one dead for (at that time) eighteen years. He has sorted all sorts of “stuff” whereas I hadn’t: he will know what I mean. My family, through circumstances I needn’t explore, was rather dependent on me, while so far as I can tell this is far from the case Chez R. My older brother had long gone and was no longer even in NSW.

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Saturday is here again

So a few more stats, eh! Since the end of the month is nigh I will concentrate just on who read what for the past seven days, according to WordPress. And I won’t mention Thomas’s stats. 😉

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