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This is home now

Ninglun’s Journalspace has been deleted, to take effect in 48 hours from now.

The posts on Ninglun on Blogspot have been imported here and then the Blogspot blog will be allowed to languish.

No new posts will be added to OzPolitics. All new posts will appear on New Lines, Sans Words, or English/ESL.

Ninglun’s Gateway: The relevant stats posts have migrated to New Lines; the Gateway will remain as a guide to new entries only.


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March 2006 review 2 and posts for Tuesday, 1 April

Sitemeter figures finished the month at midnight Sydney time; WordPress figures have about an hour to run, but since that won’t make much difference I’ll finish off my month review now.

Sitemeter stats

The Floating Life Sitemeter covers this blog, New Lines, Old Lines, Sans Words, Ninglun’s Journalspace and a few items on Geocities. The last two figure very little these days. 9,832 visits and 11,975 page views. That is down on February but up on January. Note that all my Sitemeters are configured to ignore my own visits.

English/ESL includes another smallish component on Geocities, but is otherwise purely the WP blog. 7,768 visits and 10,175 page views. That is better than February, but still behind 1) November 2007 (8,515/11,255) and 2) October 2007 (7,778/10,649). Read the rest of this entry »

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Quotes to savour from recent ABC programs

1. Barbara Blackman on Compass last Sunday:

Geraldine Doogue
Tell me about friendship. What — because it rolls off the tongue easily, but I think it’s more than that for you?
Barbara Blackman
Well I think friendship is the sharing of fun and profundities. And there’s a time when you meet someone, you meet them here and there and you have snippets of conversation and I will say to that person, “Please come out and have dinner with me, have a whole conversation,” I ask them, I give them your sort of interview, “Where do you come from? What do you believe?… And um, that’s a making of friendship. Or you might say, “Well, we haven’t got enough ground for friendship.” But I think once there’s that one-to-one depth of intimacy, then the friendship builds up on that.
Geraldine Doogue
Who are you likely not to be friends with? Who don’t you enjoy being friends with?
Barbara Blackman
People who want me to join in their bitterness and anger, and I won’t have a bar of it. Or at my age, a lot of people I’ve known when you say to them, I haven’t seen you, how are you getting on? They tell you all about all their grandchildren. I love my grandchildren but ah, you know I find they’re not letting you into their life, they’re giving you the mirror or the outside of their life.

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