March 2006 review 2 and posts for Tuesday, 1 April

01 Apr

Sitemeter figures finished the month at midnight Sydney time; WordPress figures have about an hour to run, but since that won’t make much difference I’ll finish off my month review now.

Sitemeter stats

The Floating Life Sitemeter covers this blog, New Lines, Old Lines, Sans Words, Ninglun’s Journalspace and a few items on Geocities. The last two figure very little these days. 9,832 visits and 11,975 page views. That is down on February but up on January. Note that all my Sitemeters are configured to ignore my own visits.

English/ESL includes another smallish component on Geocities, but is otherwise purely the WP blog. 7,768 visits and 10,175 page views. That is better than February, but still behind 1) November 2007 (8,515/11,255) and 2) October 2007 (7,778/10,649).

Ninglun on Blogspot has its own Sitemeter. March 807/930 compared with February 908/1022.

WordPress stats

WordPress claims also to ignore my own visits. The WP count is analogous to, but never quite the same as, the Sitemeter page views. It is done in GMT not local time. [Now final figures at 11am our time when WP switches days.]

Blog Views February 2008 Views March 2008
* = best ever
Gateway 627 912*
New Lines from a Floating Life 2,567 3,133*
Old Lines from a Floating LIfe 5,687 6,697
OzPolitics 4,708 4,545
Sans Words NA 391 (since 11 March)
English/ESL 9,421 12,167*

Top posts 

The top posts individually visited on each blog in March were:

Gateway: Blog Roll 20 hits

New Lines from a Floating LifeRampant: How a City Stopped a Plague 91
Australian poem: 2008 series #8 — Indigenous poetry 87
The only gay in the village… 52

Old Lines from a Floating Life: The connection has timed out — Firefox 351 [later deleted]
Friday Australian poem #17: Bruce Dawe, 258
Bill Heffernan! 248

OzPoliticsThe Great Surry Hills Book Clearance of 2005  376
John Howard’s Farewell Speech: for the record 165
Old: 99-04 132

Sans Words: How big is Tibet? 13

English/ESL: Physical journeys and Peter Skrzynecki’s poems 1,802
Studying the Gothic, or Emily Bronte? 934
Workshop 02 — NSW HSC: Area Study: Imaginative Journeys 731

Ninglun on Blogspot: from Google Analytics. Apparently Barack Obama is the Antichrist 529
Recycle 10: Is Australia a Christian country? 25
Heath Ledger and the plank in the eye syndrome 12


Today’s post

With all that, I am only putting up one other post today, on New Lines from a Floating Life: Quotes to savour from recent ABC programs.

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