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A new/old blog has emerged from the ashes of Oz Politics + Big Archive.




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Big changes!

The Gateway Page: I have at last, after contemplating the stats for last month, rationalised my blogs. For a moment I even considered closing the Gateway, but on due consideration, and after Thomas complained and Jim Belshaw revealed he was thinking of something Gateway for his own blog suite, I relented and simply redesigned the Gateway. The daily update entries won’t last forever though, being taken down at the end of each month. Similarly the Saturday stats. The monthly stats will appear here on New Lines from a Floating Life.

New Lines from a Floating Life now incorporates the old Oz Politics + Big Archive and Ninglun on Blogspot. First I used WordPress Import to suck up the Blogspot posts, which for the time being are still also on Blogspot. Then using Windows Live Writer I moved the pages from Oz Politics to New Lines. After that I attempted to do the export-import trick on Oz Politics, having deleted all the pages there, but found there was too much material. So I started culling, something long overdue, until I brought the total to be moved down to three meg. Then I started hoovering posts and transferring them to their new home.

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