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Political and blog roundup

A few disparate stories today.

First, on Indigenous Australia, I see that Kevin Rudd has repeated serious intention on “closing the gap”; I also note that the overdue Apology has gone down well internationally.

During a visit to London, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced an annual progress statement on closing the life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. He said this will build on the promise he made to improve Indigenous life expectancy, which is 17 years shorter than for non-Indigenous people. Mr Rudd said that in a modern and prosperous Australia, there should be no reason for these gaps to exist…

Mr Rudd gave the undertaking at a two-day meeting called the “progressive governance summit.” Other leaders attending it include Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark. Mr Rudd is half way through a 17-day overseas tour and his apology to Indigenous Australians has been regularly praised by world leaders he has met.

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