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Merrylands High School rampage

It is of course shocking.

Police say they are amazed by how brazen five teenagers were when they allegedly went on a rampage at a western Sydney school this morning.  They say the boys, aged 14 to 16, walked into the school assembly at Merrylands High School, on Sherwood Road, armed with machetes and baseball bats just before 9:00am (AEST).

The alarm was sounded and students ran to their classrooms for emergency lockdown, ushered by their teachers.  The intruders then allegedly walked the corridors, smashing windows while students cowered inside the classrooms.  One of the teachers tried to stop the offenders but was hit on the head from behind with a weapon. He has been taken to Westmead Hospital.

Police say the intruders were still roaming the corridors with baseball bats when they arrived…

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Snow Falling on Cedars DVD

I didn’t spend all yesterday evening playing with problems on Ninglun’s Personal Papers. I did find time to watch this:


It really is a glorious film! The summary from IMDB:

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This has a certain fascination…

Again touting ABC 1!  Four Corners tonight does look interesting, to say the least. Political assassination is fortunately a rarity in Australia so all Sydneysiders will recall the John Newman killing in 1994. We thought it was all done and dusted, but maybe not so.


It should be worth seeing.

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