Merrylands High School rampage

07 Apr

It is of course shocking.

Police say they are amazed by how brazen five teenagers were when they allegedly went on a rampage at a western Sydney school this morning.  They say the boys, aged 14 to 16, walked into the school assembly at Merrylands High School, on Sherwood Road, armed with machetes and baseball bats just before 9:00am (AEST).

The alarm was sounded and students ran to their classrooms for emergency lockdown, ushered by their teachers.  The intruders then allegedly walked the corridors, smashing windows while students cowered inside the classrooms.  One of the teachers tried to stop the offenders but was hit on the head from behind with a weapon. He has been taken to Westmead Hospital.

Police say the intruders were still roaming the corridors with baseball bats when they arrived…

It seems to me the teachers acted very properly in such dire circumstances. Channel Seven was milking the story in their 6pm News, as you would expect.

However, note that “five” is a rather small “gang”, albeit destructive enough. And thank God it wasn’t what Americans are only too used to — for example Teenage gunman wounds four in Ohio high school in October last year.

There is little schools can do to prevent such events, given that only a few individuals out of thousands may be likely to commit such outrages. All they can do is call the police and take action to ensure the safety of the students in their care, and that’s what seems to have happened at Merrylands. Can you envisage a situation where schools are surrounded by razor wire, electric fences, and patrolled by armed guards 24 hours a day? Aside from that being quite chilling, the costs alone would be prohibitive.

I am quite sure such things have happened before, undesirable as it is whenever they occur.

Seven then went on to make its regular contribution to community understanding by running yet another contextless hate piece about skanky migrants — teenagers it appears — who have jacked up on learning English, or so Seven says. I smell a beatup worthy of earlier endeavours in this pernicious and irresponsible genre, such as this one: Chaser on tabloid TV and Asians.

But the “two minute hate” sells sponsorship, doesn’t it?


I see a friend of Thomas was teaching at Merrylands last year. I don’t doubt it could be a rough place, but it really is not impossible for such events to happen almost anywhere. I can remember lunchtime brawls at Sutherland Primary where kids were hitting one another over the head with fence palings and chucking bricks and concrete blocks, and that in the 50s, while no teacher was actually visible on playground duty…


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3 responses to “Merrylands High School rampage

  1. Benjamin Solah

    April 8, 2008 at 10:46 am

    Coming with Campbelltown, in the South-West of Sydney and a friend who went to school in Fairfield and then Campbelltown, these stories don’t surprise me. And unfortunetely it doesn’t surprise me that the media likes to put a bullshit racist spin on it. And it’s bullshit because if anything, it’s violence on migrant kids, and not by migrant kids, that’s the problem.

  2. Mike

    April 9, 2008 at 6:01 am

    I see that faggoty rationalizations for barbarism are no less the stock response of ivory-tower psedointellectuals in Oz than they are here inn Canada. Bravo for parroting the hive mind concensus: the kids are all right. Reap the whirlwind, dummies.

  3. ninglun

    April 9, 2008 at 10:09 am

    That is such an intelligent comment, Mike, that I will let it stand unedited complete with all its illiteracies.

    I live neighbour to the Ivory Tower to be shown to the world here next Thursday. I have taught kids on acid, violent kids, kids who have been victims of incest, kids on heroin, kids on police bonds — and many of those who were the contemporaries of those kids are now between 50 and 60 years old and some of those who survived, as I have numerous dead ex-students, may even be writing comments like Mike’s. Most wouldn’t bother, or would write much better comments. Needless to say, 99% of the thousands I would have taught since 1966 are not incest victims, drug addicts, etc etc. But that’s the point. We wring our hands over each drama and lose sight of the bigger picture.

    In NSW state schools right now — or in 2006 at any rate there are: # 4,273 government preschool students
    # 434,366 government primary school students
    # 304,941 government secondary school students
    # 407,529 TAFE NSW students.

    We have just been hearing about FIVE students, albeit very nasty ones.

    This is not to say that there aren’t plenty of problems out there.

    So exactly how is the above — facts I think they are called — “faggoty rationalizations for barbarism” (whatever that means, and whatever the relevance of the tragic homophobia may be) or “hive mind concensus”? You have an independent mind, do you, Mike? I wonder where you got that? Probably the Canadian education system has served most of its clients rather more effectively.

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