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Yeah, I like Flock too

See Social browsing with Flock, and as Breezeblog says “once you’ve got the hang of it, it might just become your favourite browser.” Its blog tool is neat and easy, but a little limited.

Oh, and did Bill Gates take over your computer too this morning? Thirty minutes of fun downloads and reboots here. There has to be a better way to do the updates on Windows…

Perhaps there is: Linux. But that scares me.

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R.I.P. John Button

A thoroughly worthwhile politician. See The Australian: ALP legend Button dies at 74.

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Don Aitkin outside his field

If like me you are old you will remember Sydney University’s Professor Harry Messel, a physicist who did a power of good in his field and for his Department, but with a penchant in his day for opinions on every topic under the sun. One had to remind oneself that as a physicist his views on, say, English teaching were no more or less worth consideration than those of a dunny man.

Perhaps it is cruel and unfair of me, but I couldn’t help thinking that Don Aitkin’s views on climatology — like mine — are also dunny man material. On the other hand, Lord May of Oxford or Sir John Houghton, a top meteorologist and former Professor of Atmospheric Physics at Oxford University, may be worth listening to. That’s not to say Don Aitkin is necessarily wrong, of course. Public policy, after all, is his field, and the fact is most scientists are not expert in that area either. Bit of a conundrum that.

Read Don Aitkin’s speech (PDF).

In my side bar is a box you may have noticed. It contains this:
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