A note on Zimbabwe

11 Apr

See An Ominous Drama in Zimbabwe (by Nontando Hadebe).

Clearly the government knows it has been defeated – there is no other reason for them to demand recounts and act in the way they are doing. In the past few days the government has bared its teeth by harassing members of opposition parties, arresting election officers, and invading white-owned farms. The government is relying on its military forces to hold on to power because they have been defeated in the votes. It’s frightening to watch the extent to which they are willing to go to hold on to power.

This is the time when Zimbabwe needs the international community to intervene on their behalf. The people have done everything in their power. At great risk they voted, believing that this would bring the change they desperately want, but, to their dismay, this instrument of freedom is turning against them. What else should people do?

Go to the VodPod to find Muzimbo’s vent.

Saturday morning

Blind Freddie can see the truth on this: Mugabe lost the election, despite all attempts by hook or by crook to manufacture the “correct” outcome. See Mugabe pulls out of crisis summit, bans rallies on ABC this morning. Why don’t they just shoot him?

On the other hand I guess you have to admire the forbearance of his opposition which does seem reluctant thus far to resort to violence, and given the pattern in too many African nations that may be a very good thing in the long run. Nature will certainly take care of Mugabe before long.

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