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Yesterday I took a walk around Redfern, being over there for a minor bit of skin treatment at the GP’s surgery — and to get a flu shot prescription. Looked around Pitt and George Streets; George Street was where M and I first lived in 1990 before moving on to Little Eveleigh Street and then in 92 to Surry Hills. Had a very healthy veggo lunch at Quirk’s Grocery in Pitt. Redfern is worth a wander these days.
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When a blog is good enough to be a book

It does happen, the most famous example being Salam Pax whose Iraq blog Where is Raed? became a best-selling book in 2003. More recently Riverbend’s Baghdad Burning was published by Marion Boyars (2006) with a sequel covering 2004-2006 published later in 2006. I mentioned this here. Riverbend last posted on Monday, October 22, 2007 from Syria, where she and her family went into exile shortly before. The two books are now in the remainder stores here in Sydney; they are well worth getting. While you may still read it all online, the books offer contextualising comments by James Ridgeway. They are an excellent reality check for anyone too impressed by Fox News or pronouncements from either the Pentagon or the White House, or, up to November 2007 when our own Bush groupies were thrown out of office, Canberra. What is best though is Riverbend’s sheer humanity and honesty. The books are in my Best Reads of 2008 list. 🙂

A very different blog that is to be published, as I noted a little while back, is Stuff White People Like. The latest entry there is on Rugby, and is quite delightful.

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