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Not ranting but…

On Sunday I wrote:

Since it is after all “ironic that a geriatric like me likes to rant quite often”, as I read recently on something that no longer exists, I am passing up some opportunities to indulge further — and intend to eschew such posts from now on, generally speaking. The range of my blogs is thus narrowing, and deliberately so…

The other reason to blog was as a prophylactic against age and loneliness. Guess that still applies. I blog therefore I am…

But acknowledging now that in so many areas I am a back number, I gracefully retire from certain controversies and leave them in younger hands — which will turn out better, I trust, than it did for King Lear…

Of course the other thing is that political ranting day after day gets plain repetitive — unless like Thomas or Jim Belshaw you actually have some fresh insight to offer.

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Plug for a worthwhile event from ACON


That I will try to get to. The price is right! The link on that flyer leads to a PDF file about the event.

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