Back from Chinatown

16 Apr

liondance Three coachees today. The one from Hunan Province (though now Australian) tells me he is the rear end of a Lion Dance. In that guise he is off to Canberra for the torch run next week, to protest the protesters. No, I didn’t “heavy” him about that, except to mention that it was all very odd as the Dalai Lama was for going to Beijing and against violent protest, which he agreed was true.

In passing: one of the frustrations about blogging is that if you raise a topic most readers read that post only, unaware of what you may have said before, or the qualifications you may have explored. Take two from the previous post: Chinese and China and Islam have both had quite a bit of attention here, and earlier/later on Old Lines from a Floating Life — I put it that way as Old Lines covers April 2006 to November 2007, while this blog now includes some earlier entries from the pre-WordPress days back to 2005. I hate having to repeat what I have already said; it’s a problem. 😉

Lunched late at the former Cafe Max, of happy memory. Not too bad at all and the business seems to be booming.

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