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One of the most pathetic examples of humanity on the planet…


Those nasty Brits are responsible for my country’s ruin, never me, Mummy!

… but I have my friends…

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Australia 2020 Summit

I am currently watching the opening of the 2020 Summit on ABC1. The Governor-General is speaking at the moment, and very well too. But I was simply knocked out by the speaker immediately before him. Only 25, of Torres Strait Islander/European background, she said exactly what I have sought in vain to say in so many posts. I haven’t caught her name*, unfortunately, but will return to what she said at the first opportunity. She spoke of having spent her first 25 years living conflicting stories, and trusted that in the next 25 years this would not be so, as all our stories would be accepted fully.

Put aside your cynicism, put aside “politics”, put aside expectations of instant fixes, put aside the habits of thought of the past twenty years. This, I really believe, is a great moment for us and for our future. Embrace it, people.

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