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Quick note on the 2020 Summit

I think it is far too soon to judge the 2020 Summit just concluded in Canberra. Those of you still here in 2020 will be able to make the necessary judgments. I was, as I made clear, not in the camp of the cynics, however. I note that Jim Belshaw and Marcellous have both expressed views, both of them worth considering, though I really do find Marcellous too cynical on this one, though he does say he still has an open mind. It was interesting that at lunch (The Porter House) today Sirdan was very enthusiatic about it all; I don’t think anyone could accuse Sirdan of radicalism. (We also discussed Mugabeland, Sirdan’s birthplace, and expressed much satisfaction in the way this country of Australia, by contrast, handles political and social change.)

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Entering into Dialogue – Christianity and Islam

Also on Radio National this morning, this edition of Encounter was of considerable interest. A complete transcript is already up. I offer it as a useful resource.

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John Cargher

I happened to catch the 42nd anniversary presentation of John Cargher’s Singers of Renown this morning on Radio National.

With much regret, ABC Radio National announces that the program of 26 April is the final edition of Singers of Renown after 42 years on air.

Recently John Cargher made the difficult decision to retire from broadcasting, because of continuing ill health. John’s commitment to music and to Singers of Renown remains undiminished, but he believes that the time has come to say goodbye to his listeners.

You will be able to hear some landmark editions of the show throughout May and June. These will include some of John’s programs exploring the great operas, and his four-part series ‘A Century of Singers 1901-2000’, first broadcast in 2000. Read the rest of this entry »