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Calculated sabre rattling…

…which seems to have succeeded, but Hillary Clinton’s use of the term “obliterate” I thought quite unwise, for much the same reason Barack Obama gives.

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Having in the previous entry mentioned the date 2050 and the unlikelihood of my being there, I later did some fanciful calculations, something I am rather prone to. In that year Thomas, to judge from a recent mention of his age on his blog, will be just a year or two younger than I am now. I wonder if there will have been a special 40th year of Deus Lo Vult in that imagined future’s recent past on a WordPress presided over by a sexagenarian Matt? 😉 And then you’ll have noted when I talked of John Cargher that I revealed my beginning teaching was coeval with the beginning of Singers of Renown  42 years ago, the same run of years as separates us from 2050. Go back 42 years from that year of 1966 and we are in… But I am sure you can work that one out. Jay Gatsby time, or near enough.


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Oz Republic?

It will happen, no doubt about it, by 2050 if not by 2020. I honestly cannot imagine the current constitutional arrangements carrying on for all that much longer, but by 2050 I will of course be long dead. I guess though that at that time Australian Monarchists will seem rather like the Jacobites in McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street series, and like those Jacobites they will probably still be having meetings. (The irony for the Jacobites is that they resent the displacement of the true monarchs of Scotland by the German Princeling George I, and instead look to another German Princeling, that of Bavaria, as the True Monarch. It’s true that the nearest descendant of James II is a Prince of Bavaria, but that line long since relinquished any claim themselves.)

Meanwhile, reading as I am the wonderful and sometimes cantankerous Norman Davies, this time Europe East & West, I should like to point out, as he does, that the last Queen of England was Anne. Since 1707 there have been no English monarchs as such; Elizabeth II (or perhaps to be quite accurate Elizabeth I) is Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but not, technically, of England. All of which no longer has any direct relevance to Australia, but she ALSO happens to be Queen of Australia, and in that role is her connection with us. (See for the current position The Australia Act 1986.) Then there is of course the somewhat vaguer, but still I believe useful, Commonwealth, of which she is the head duly recognised by quite a few republics.

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Olympics affects my tuition schedule…

Not all that much, of course, but today’s venture into Chinatown will be for one not three coachees. One has a chess competition, and one is in Canberra. The third wants to know more about studying poetry.

The Canberra-bound one I mentioned last week: the tail end of the lion, remember?

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