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I have taken no (zero, zilch, nada) interest in the IPL competition…

…because I rather like Cricket.

If I wanted to see to a circus I would go to a circus. If I wanted to watch World Championship Wrestling I would… There are better things on television at more convenient hours, and not on Channel Ten, which also brings you various other prime examples of Reality Television. Etc.

Nonetheless I was amused by this post on Life Is a Street Car Named Desire.

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Awe and wonder, but definitely not science

Such is my approach to the Biblical AND Quranic texts that deal with creation. I revel in the poetry, but would never try to base on that poetry any kind of intellectual understanding of how the universe came into being, continues, and what its end might be. Traditionalists and fundamentalists are barking up the wrong tree, in my view.

Speaking of the poetry, you will find heaps of it in the texts of the Jewish tradition, both canonical and other, and in the Quran, but very little on the creation theme in the Christian canon known by Christians as as the New Testament, apart from the opening of John’s gospel.

Take this wonderful poem in Ecclesiaticus (Sirach), which you will find in Catholic and Orthodox Bibles but not in Jewish or Protestant ones.
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